Smartzone 3.2.1 upgrade tähelepanu, lugege release notes !!!

SCG Upload Pre-check Timeout Script

Whenever you upload an upgrade image to the controller, it starts a timer to monitor the status of the upload process at set intervals.  If the upload process is not completed within 10 minutes, the controller terminates the upload process and aborts the Upgrade attempt.

In SZ release 3.2.1, Ruckus introduces a data migration pre-check process that must be completed before the upgrade process can start.  When you upload an upgrade image, the controller will first check the database for issues before it starts the upgrade process.  This new pre-check process increases the duration of the image upload process and could potentially cause the upload timer to time out and the upgrade attempt to fail.

To ensure that the upload timer does not time out, apply the extended upload pre-check timeout KSP (script file).

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